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How TheAngrySheep got his “MBA” from a Gangster Rapper!

So, there I was, 36 years old, had a multi-million dollar a year company, driving a Lamborghini to work, and “popping bottles” in the clubs like a retarded monkey. Life is good! I’m thinking I have the world by the shorthairs. Sounds great right?!? Not so fast my little sheeplets!

I screwed it all up. Spectacularly..

Fast forward 5 years (insert freaky time travel music here), I find myself upside down in mortgage I can’t afford. What little ¬†money I had managed to save from the glory days was long gone. My stable of cars had gone from an Aston Martin, Porsche 911’s and Italian supercars, to a Mini Cooper and a Jeep with bald tires.

All those friends who were more than happy to be around me when I was paying the way and hadn’t a worry in the world, had disappeared! My “entourage” was gone! What happened to my legions of “friends”? Is it possible that they were just using me for what I had and what I could do for them? Say it isn’t so!!

Anyway, there I was… My house is going to be foreclosed on, my business is inhaling its final breath, my incredibly hot and way out of my league girlfriend is constantly reminding me that her previous boyfriends all had lots of money, lived in much bigger houses than the one I am about to lose and that when all is said and done, I should be grateful that she is hanging out with a loser like me.

I was a millionaire at 36 and broke at 42…What the hell happened??

Here is what happened:

I bought into the status quo!!! Here is the GREAT plan in no specific order:

Buy a house, start a business or get a job, get in to debt up to your eyeballs, fund your 401k or IRA, pay your taxes, find a partner you absolutely can’t stand once you get past the physical aspect, then stay focused, toil away and in 40 years, sell everything and buy a condo in Scottsdale. AHH The American Dream!!!

REALLY? What did I do so wrong? I know I’m an idiot and made lots of mistakes, but do I deserve this? All these bad things that are happening to me, I was following “THE Plan” dammit! Do I deserve this?!?

The simple answer, YES.

Look, I realize I never got to the part about the rapper! Patience my friends. Patience. That’s part two of this story…

You want to read more? Of course you do!

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