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Hola mi amigos! It is I, The Angry Sheep!

Or if you want to be honest, the guy who screwed it all up…

You have all been waiting for the story about how The Original Angry Sheep imploded from it’s own success. Here it is.

But first, an apology. Yes, that’s right, an apology.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, sheep and sheep-ettes, dreamers and risk takers:

I screwed up.

The self appointed leader of The Angry Sheep Revolution let you down. I’m sorry.

You believed in me to provide you a place where you could go, have a laugh, hear something inspirational, get some tools to help you do and be better. A place where only positive content was allowed. Where personal attacks and negativity were kept outside the gates of our kingdom.

I screwed up…

You see, I took my eyes off the prize. I got so tied up in my own little dramas and life happenings that I forgot about my commitment to you. The site became too much for me to handle.

I let the quality of my writings go down. I let a bunch of tin foil hat wearing psychos take over the forums and discussion boards. I let negativity invade this special place we had built as a community.

I am truly sorry.

You see, we had something special. We had thousands of members who would come together to discuss whatever issues we were all facing. We had fun! Any roadblock or hurdle that someone had in their way, we discussed as a community and tried to find a positive solution. We supported one another and were able to draw from others experiences.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned tin foil hat wearing psychos took us down a path we never should have gone. As your friend and the HSIC should have been more proactive and prevented this.

From long winded diatribes about “the hoax that was the moon landing”, chem trails, the impending apocalypse, the Illuminati and how aliens walking among us were posing as contestants on “America’s Got Talent”, I should have stopped it.

I failed you.

The influx of spam ads for genuine Air Jordans for $17 and a 6 pack of Rolex watches for $12.99, I should have stopped it.

All I can say to you is this:

I let you down before. If you’ll give me just one more chance, I won’t let you down again.

We have aligned The Angry Sheep with an amazing group of heavy hitters. In the upcoming months, you will be able to enjoy amazing content, free books, webinars and podcasts.

We will be doing interviews with business people, relationship experts, self improvement gurus and I’m even working on one with a billionaire. That right my friends, with a “B”!

We have a great opportunity in front of us. I hope you will join me in making The Angry Sheep everything we know it can be.

In the next few days, the website will be back online. I ask that you join us again and help us create positive change.

“Help Make The Sheep Great Again”

Talk to you soon!


Don't be an Angry Sheep. Break the Mold.