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Hello from Miami! Your amigo TheAngrySheep is living it up!

Red Speedo. Check

Cheap Sunglasses. Check

Frosty Corona with Lime(prevents scurvy). Check

Auto-publish feature that will post while I’m lying on the beach working on my bronze…Check!

Since this is going to be auto published, I was trying to think of something profound, amazing and earth shattering to send you off  for the weekend.

This isn’t it.

As I was flying out of Vegas at the crack of dawn on Thursday, I saw a guy wearing a shirt that said,  “If nobody’s hating, you ain’t living.” (The guy looked a little like a cross between Flava Flav and Rog from “What’s Happenin?” but that’s not important)

He had a presence. He had style. He had a huge smile at 430AM on a Thursday morning! I immediately liked him. Cool. 

It took me a few minutes to realize the subtle wisdom emblazoned across the chest of this proud, chocolate warrior.  A man who I was sure had laid waste to many a hater.

Right then and there, TheAngrySheep decided it was time to do an impromptu interview and glean some righteous verbiage that would totally change the way he looked at the haters, trolls, negative people.

So I roll up on him and say, “Hey man! I love that shirt! Tell me about it.”

There I am, standing in the middle of the concourse at Las Vegas  Airport. Waiting for the thunderbolts of knowledge that I knew were forthcoming. 

The holy grail of dealing with haters was about to be revealed, I felt I was in the presence of greatness, and he said, “Huh? Oh. This shirt? It’s my brothers. He loaned it to me when American Airlines lost my luggage.”

Not quite what I was expecting.

Haters are everywhere. They criticize everything that you do. The clothes you wear. The words you use. Your ability to use punctuation. Your new charcoal Chuck T’s that are super comfortable, go with almost everything and look really bad ass. Let them hate.

Let them hate. You have much bigger things to focus on. All haters are self haters. They just don’t realize it. Let them hate.

As R.B. says, “Say anything you want about me, just make sure you get my name right.”

Have a great weekend!

Don't be an Angry Sheep. Break the Mold.