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“Dirty Harry” What an awesome movie!

A tough guy cop, taking out bad guys, protecting the citizens of his city. A defender of the innocent. A rule breaker. Probably a guy who loves puppy breath.

That’s not the movie I’m talking about though.

No. The movie I’m talking about is “Bronco Billy”.

Now, Im sure most people reading this have probably never heard of it. It wasn’t very popular. As a matter of fact, The Sheepster stumbled across it one night in a slightly altered state. The remote was more than 6 inches out of reach and there was a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in the way. I had to watch it.

I’m not going to lie and say it’s a cinematic masterpiece like “Road House” or “JackAss 3” BUT it is a great movie on many levels. They just aren’t apparent to the uninformed. Let your homie, TheAngrySheep enlighten you.

The movie is all about a group of misfits who decided they wanted to be cowboys and indians. They had this traveling wild west show that was always on the edge of disaster. One bad thing after another happened. These people couldn’t get a break. They stuck together though. It wasn’t about money. They were supportive. They needed each other.

The acting was terrible (it had Sondra Locke in it), the premise was ridiculous and the gags were juvenile…I LOVED it!

Here is why:

The message. The movie was about following a dream. No matter how crazy or socially unacceptable. These people decided who they wanted to be. They made their own rules.

The pivotal moment for me was when Clint is explaining how he became “Bronco Billy”. He was a shoe salesman in New Jersey who woke up one day and decided he wanted to be a cowboy.

When someone asked him, “Are you for real?” His response was, “I am who I want to be.”

“I am who I want to be.” <—– How great is that?!?

Maybe we should all decide who we want to be. Find our band of misfits. Then follow our dreams.

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