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Woohoo! It’s Monday! Are you excited? You should be!

TheAngrySheep LOVES him some Monday! I know what you’re thinking, “This is it. The furry bastard has finally lost his mind.”

Maybe so but I still love Mondays! Here is why:

At AngrySheep HQ, we are constantly striving to update, make better and improve EVERYTHING.

Over the weekend, We were able to make some serious changes to the functionality of I feel that everyday it is becoming more and more user friendly.

AngrySheep Rich was working tirelessly out of our East Coast Bureau to bring us more content and get things running smoothly.

Our web guru  Rene was working non-stop to get the functionality of the site exactly how I wanted it. Keep in mind this is no easy task. This site started as a one page blog and has blossomed into something totally different. When I dream, I dream BIG!

Very soon, our daily positive email blast will be directly deposited into your email acct. I know I’m weird but that gets me a little bit excited!

We have many free e-books that will be added in our members section. Many more things to download…FOR FREE!

The amount of content we have is mind boggling. Just be patient with us. Grow with us. is a free flowing beast. We have a direction. We have a goal. We may take a few side trips. Take the dark road through the forest. Knock on the door of the scary house. Ask for directions from the creepy hillbilly at the gas station. Be chased by mindless zombies who only want to eat our brains BUT We will get there!

I have had a lot of people ask me, “AngrySheep, when exactly does The Revolution start? Do I need to take time off work? Have somebody watch the kids? What’s the appropriate attire to change the world? I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday. Do I need to cancel that?”

My friends, we/it have/has already started!

You see, The Revolution is inside all of us! It’s that longing for more. The knowledge that we can do and be better. The world we are changing is the one inside us and ultimately, the world around us! By doing so, we change our destiny. It’s reading something positive instead of watching television. It’s helping someone who deserves our help, regardless of the effort. It’s speaking up for what we know is right. It’s being honest enough to admit when we are wrong. It’s the belief that every one of us has something positive to offer to someone else. It’s being willing to contribute on a massive scale. It’s about taking a chance on yourself. It’s about believing that no matter what, you will be victorious.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Lets get moving. Get posting. Share knowledge, ideas and love. Share this site with people you care about. The Revolution is yours…IF you want it.

Your paisan TheAngrySheep will be with you the whole way…fuhgeddaboudit!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Don't be an Angry Sheep. Break the Mold.