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I’m not going to lie…TheAngrySheep went nuclear last night. We are talking Chernobyl style babies.

One thing I can’t or won’t tolerate is rude behavior in social settings.

Have you noticed that more and more people have/exhibit a total lack of respect for others? It seems to be a growing trend.

I think we, as a community need to put a stop to this. Now, hold up, before you start whining and saying stuff like, “NuclearSheep, I’m just one person! What can I do?” Let me explain! It’s simple.

I learned long ago that the world doesn’t revolve around me. Maybe it should but it doesn’t. I will treat everyone I meet with respect unless given a reason not to. Maybe if we all do this, it will spread. Like a virus. Not one of those bad ones. Where you gotta go to the Doctor. I’m talking about a new, good, happy virus. It will spread by verbal communication and our hatred of douche-baggery in all forms.


As my friend J Medicine Hat put it, “You don’t let the monkeys run the zoo, stupid. The zookeepers run the zoo.” Let’s be zookeepers. Not monkeys.

Don't be an Angry Sheep. Break the Mold.