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Woohoo! It’s Saturday and TheAngrySheep is taking a partial day off. I’m waiting on my cleaning lady to show up.

So, I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “Good for you AngrySheep…(Insert Eye roll here) BFD! Why don’t you blog about something I give a sh&t about?!?”

That is exactly my plan! Let me lay it down for you:

Tia has been cleaning for me for several years. She’s expensive but she’s worth it. Yeah, she’s great at cleaning BUT there’s something else about her that makes her worth keeping around.

About once a week, I get a text message and a few hours later this gaggle of nice little Mexican ladies descends upon TheAngrySheep HQ. Led by the aforementioned Tia, they swoop in and within minutes my house is in total disarray as they begin the process of cleaning up after a single dude and his Jack Russell side kick.

I usually leave while this is being done because Tia has earned my trust. I know that everything will be perfect when I return. She does an AMAZING job and goes above and beyond my expectations.

Tia has created a RAVING FAN. Remember this term because I’ll be dropping it on you in future posts.(Check out the book “Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service” by Ken Blanchard. GREAT read!)

I will recommend her to anybody because of the quality of her work, her attitude and the fact that I just plain like her. She’s a great person who works hard, always has a smile and does her job very well. In my opinion, she’s worth the extra money.

Are you creating RAVING FANS?

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