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We are live! Almost…

I am so glad you decided to join us! Welcome to a blog that will very soon be full of useful information, advice and insane ramblings about Life, Relationships, Business and anything else we feel like writing about!

So, Who the hell am I?!? My name is Michael and I am the “visionary” behind The out of the box, paradigm shifting lunatic that decided he needed one more project on his plate.

I am the self appointed leader of The Angry Sheep Revolution. You can read a little more about me in the “How The Angry Sheep Got His MBA From A Gangster Rapper” download you received.

“What is an Angry Sheep?” Great question! An Angry Sheep is someone who is ready to leave the flock. We are dreamers, innovators, creators, business people, stay at home moms, people who mop floors, sell cars, flip burgers or build empires. We are are people who have had enough of the status quo. We are people who want MORE out of life! We are ready for a change!! We will not be denied!

We are YOU!

Ok…I got the first blog out of the way. It’s rambling, nonsensical, repetitive and makes very little sense.(<—You see what I did there?) Cut me some slack! It’s 1:41 in the AM and the red wine is kicking in.

Will follow up with you mañana…or tomorrow. Whichever comes first. Yes, I know. I did it again.


PS-Will explain in detail how we got started, our mission statement and what our goals are very soon. Will also introduce you to my buddy Rich. He’s The Angry Sheep in our Nashville/East Coast office! East coast and West coast living in harmony! No beef here!

Also, my amigos T-Roy and Nick will be weighing in from time to time as their schedules allow. You’ll love them. They were original Angry Sheep back in 2012.

Don't be an Angry Sheep. Break the Mold.